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How do I create New Thread?

Follow the steps:
  1. Go to forums (On the L.H.S of the Home page) or simply follow the below link
  2. Select a topic e.g All other Green Card Issues
  3. Click on New Thread (top left corner)
  4. Start posting

What do red and green mean?

Read and green mean how notorious/popular that handle has been on this forum.Gives one an idea about a member. However lots of green doesn't mean that handle's posts are always right or lots of reds doesn't mean that handle's posts are always wrong.
You like a post you add to the posters/handles reputation by approving the post (which gives the post(er) green) which basically adds to the points that handle already holds.

You don't like a post you disapprove which gives Red to the post(er)

How to give green and Red?

You like a post, then on the top right corner of the post there is little triangle.Just beside the triangle there is little thingy. Click on it and add to the reputation of the post(er).

What is a junior member/senior member?

Members progress im member status as they start posting. Progress order is
  1. Junior member status at ___ posts.
  2. Member member status at ___ posts.
  3. Senior member status at ___ posts.

How do I Private message someone?

You are reading a post and want to send a PM then click on the id/handle of the post , a menu appears. Select Send a private message to id link from the menu that appears to send a PM to the poster/member.

How do I update my profile?

How to update Profile :

  1. Login into IV site
  2. Click on Forum from Top Navigation
  3. Click on My User Profile from Drop down
  4. Click on Edit Your Details on Left side navigation. Please enter correct GC details

Go to Edit Profile.

Where is the control Panel?

You find control panel via follow methods:
  1. On the Home page click on User Profile
  2. On the User Profile page click on Quick Links .Select User Control Panel from the drop-down menu

How do I Join the donor Forum/ What is a donor status/ Why I cannot see some threads?

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