Estimated Wait Time for Employment Based Green Card

(*based on data from USCIS)

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Notes and Assumptions: This tool will calculate the expected date of adjudication of your Application for Adjustment of Status (I-485) based on the pending application data provided by National Records Center and the number of visa numbers available to each retrogressed category and country.

The number of cases adjudicated per year may be influenced by USCIS processing delays which are not considered here. The FOIA data is reported as total cases pending with priority dates within each quarter from 2001 Q1 up to 2009 Q2. The data is based on the country of birth for the pending cases which may differ from Country of Chargeability in some cases and may affect the accuracy of this calculation.

Spillover from other categories may make additional visa numbers available within a year and is taken into consideration if you check Use Spillover Estimate option.

It is assumed that 7% of the total annual EB Visa Numbers (140,000) are allocated to each of the four retrogressed countries while the remaining 72% visa numbers are available to the Rest of the World. The EB2 and EB3 categories are allocated 28.6% each of the 7% for each country.
Therefore, For example, Philippines EB3 annual quota would be 140000 * 7/100 * 28.6/100 = 2,802
For Rest of the World Countries EB3 annual quota would be 140000 * 72/100 * 28.6/100 = 28,828

* Check the spillover box if you wish to recalculate your approval date by factoring in additional visa numbers available using an estimated spillover (Your position in the queue does not change). Spillover is estimated based on 2008 USCIS Statistics. For example, Philippines EB2 annual quota with spillover factored in would be 46,533 * 7/100 = 3257.