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The following are the members of the core team of Immigration Voice and the reasons why they joined the organization:

Aman Kapoor is the co-founder of Immigration Voice and is our liaison with other groups and agencies. Mr. Kapoor has been working in US for the last seventeen years. He has a Bachelors’ degree in Engineering and MBA from Florida State University. Mr. Kapoor and his family's permanent residency application was approved in 2007 and he continues to lead Immigration Voice. Mr. Kapoor’s handle is WaldenPond and his email is

Anand has been in US for last 14 years. He has a Masters in Engineering from a top US university. He is currently working in one of the largest technology companies in the world where he manages mission critical P & L business unit. Anand and his family’s green card applications were approved in 2010.  He continues to strongly believe that finding a permanent solution to the legal high skilled green card issues is absolutely important to ensure personal and professional quality of life of legal immigrants is not hijacked by the broken immigration system. Anand has also been instrumental in raising funds for the organization and he has been successful in mobilizing members at the grassroots making the San Jose and DC rallies in 2007 a big success. He is an active member of the Core Team to advance advocacy effort till we find a permanent solution to the legal immigration issues. Anand lives with his family in Silicon Valley area and he could be reached at

Debjyoti Dwivedy is Senior Vice President, Strategic & Policy Affairs of the organization. Debjyoti "DD" Dwivedy is in the United States for the last 10 years and is a U.S.Citizen. He is a veteran who serves in the United States Army Reserves as a First Lieutenant and is a technocrat by profession. He is associated with Immigration Voice from 2011. He developed several chapters in the North-Central U.S. including North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and a few more. DD has a strong sense of justice and is a fierce advocate for free-enterprise and equal treatment for everyone in society. He is a fierce advocate for High-Skilled Immigration Reform and strongly believes that the employment-based Immigration system of the United States is broken, discriminatory, and unfair. DD is now leading the effort on negotiating the details of the bill in the US Senate and playing a key role in breaking the logjam. DD could be reached at

Dheeraj Kohli, Vice President - Operations, Immigration Voice, has been in US since 2003. Being an expert in optimizing resource utilization, he has helped the organization become efficient and has been instrumental in raising awareness about the organization via the social media channels. His expertise with grassroots, messaging, fundraising and logistics has been key for the success of many events organized in Washington, D.C. He continues to help motivate and mobilize members throughout US to advance advocacy effort for finding a permanent solution to the legal immigration issues. Currently residing in the state of Virginia, he can be reached at

Gaurav Gupta is an Product Manager at leading telecommunication company. He is currently working on the next generation of voice and video solutions. Earlier he was creating ground breaking mobile games in Los Angeles, CA.  Gaurav has Masters in Computer Science from top US university and also has a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from a renowned technology institute in Delhi, India.  He currently leads the Massachusetts and North East Region Chapters of Immigration Voice. Gaurav joined the organization in 2010, and since then has become a leader of advocacy efforts. Even though his green card petition has made progress, he continues to work tirelessly on behalf of skilled immigrants.  Gaurav leads the effort on strategy, advocacy and grassroots initiatives. He regularly meets with the aides and members of US House and Senate advocating Congressional support for US Competitiveness and Innovation. In 2011 and 2012, he organized, coordinated, executed and led the lobby days involving over 150 Immigration Voice members conducting over 200 Congressional meetings in Washington DC, to push for bill H.R.3012 - Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. Recently, during the Senate Immigration debate, Gaurav was able to advocate and work with his Senator's office to get Warren amendment to Immigration Reform of 2013. Gaurav and his family live in MA. He can be reached at

Nagaraj is a Systems Analyst working in the health care industry for the past 5 years on a H-1 Visa. His tag on IV is indio0617. He has degrees in Physics from the University of Madras and MS in Computer Information Systems from University of Houston. His Green card application is stuck in the Backlog Center with a pending labor certificate since February 2004. He can be contacted at

Naren holds a Masters in Engineering from a US University and works as a Project Manager for a FORTUNE 10 ranked company. He has extensive global experience in service delivery and customer management with leading software services organizations. Naren holds a Masters in Engineering from a US university. Naren has helped setup the Physicians Chapter as well as numerous counseling sessions with Immigration Attorneys. His handle is sertasheep and he can be reached at

Pratik has an MBA degree from a US university and MSc degree from India .  He is currently working as a Marketing Consultant. He has worked with several companies in , Europe and US.  His I-140 is in process and he will follow others in the queue to file I-485. The unavailability of Employment Based Visa's restricts him from making any kind of long term commitments. He can be contacted at

Puneet is an Endocrinologist practicing in a major urban health care system located in an undeserved area. He graduated from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and has trained at NYU and the Mayo Clinic. He leads the Minnesota chapter of IV and is currently helping build the IV-Physicians chapter. He recently filed a National Interest Waiver, after USCIS finally accepted the eligibility of specialist physicians for the program. The delayed priority date however, means a long wait for a green card. He lives in the twin cities with his wife (who is pursuing a PhD) and their 3 year old daughter.His IV handle is 'Paskal'.

Rajatish Mukherjee is a Software Developer in one of the world's largest software companies. He came to US in the year 1999. In Mar 2005, his employer started his green card application; his labor certification is still pending at the Dallas Labor Backlog Center . He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering from and a Masters in Computer Science from US. He is currently looking at another 4-6 years of waiting before he can file his I-485 and probably another 2 years after that to get the green card. In the meantime he cannot make any important decisions like investment commitments. Rajatish's id on Immigration Voice is mrajatish and he can be reached at

Sivakanth Mundru is a Senior Technical Consultant with a top multinational data storage company. He advises his customers on innovative business continuity, disaster recovery, backup and network attached storage solutions. He has a Masters in Computer Science from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.  Sivakanth planned and organized the flower campaign in Jul 2007, which resulted in the visa bulletin reversal in July-2007, allowing approximately 700,000 highly skilled immigrants to file for their permanent residency. In September 2007, he led the effort to organize peaceful rally of thousands of highly skilled immigrants from across the country on the Washington DC mall. Sivakanth, his wife and son live in Fairfax, VA. His Immigration Voice handle is nixstor. He can be reached at

Sukhchain Singh is accomplished Project Manager and Architect with the one of the largest Construction management company in the world. Sukhchain came to US in 2004 and he has been one of the key leaders of the organization. His expertise with grassroots, messaging, fund-raising and logistics has been key for the success of many events organized in Washington, D.C. In 2006, Sept- 2007, June-2010 and April-2011, Sukhchain has provided valuable leadership for planning, organizing and execution of vital and most difficult functions of the organization. Sukhchain regularly meets with the staff and members of US House and Senate advocating Congressional support for US Competitiveness and Innovation. Sukhchain and his family received their green card in 2011 but he continues to believe the potential and positive externalities of high skilled immigration, this belief drives and motivates him to continue to be a community leader in finding meaningful solution to the complicated high-skilled immigration problems. Sukhchain lives with his family and two sons in Maryland. He can be reached at

Umang Khanna has been in US for last 19 years. She has Masters in Engineering (Mechanical) from Cornell University and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan. She is currently working in one of the largest manufacturers of commercial trucks and buses where she manages assist with intellectual property for engineering designs and technology. Umang is extremely driven and leads the internal legal team to conduct legal research, write policy papers and legal memos for Congressional staff. She also leads the research into current legal immigration statistics by each state to determine the economic impact of the backlogs on each respective state. These legal memos and economic analysis have been of significant value for Congressional Offices. Umang has assisted with drafting language of Fairness of High Skilled Immigration Act bill and many subsequent amendments, keeping in mind sensitivity to changing political climate as well as actively working around congressional concerns by researching potential amendments as the bill makes progress in the House and Senate. Umang has also reviewed, evaluated and drafted many legal and position papers on various immigration bills that have been introduced in last five (5) years. She communicates with almost every Congressional Office to answer their questions and provide valuable information, thereby developing excellent working relationship with many D.C. Office staffers. She has led the team of advocates in over 150 Congressional meetings, including many meetings with Judiciary committee staff. Umang is responsible for training new volunteers on the nuances of bill as well as messaging with House and Senate Offices. She is also lead community organizer for many State level events to create awareness about the issue. She has led the effort for the successful passage of the Fairness bill in the House with 365 bipartisan votes in July, 2019. Umang lives with her family in Illinois and she could be reached at

Vikram Desai is a Product Management & Marketing professional. He has held multiple senior level product strategy and marketing positions in high growth technology companies in the Philadelphia area. Vikram came to US for higher studies in 2002 and continues to wait in green card backlog. He is a fearless advocate for immigrant rights, and to push for common-sense reform he has worked with several leadership offices in both, the Senate and the House or Representatives. Vikram has lead and organized eight (8) advocacy events in Washington, D.C., involving over 300 Congressional meetings at each event. He uses his expertise in content marketing, brand messaging, public relations, media outreach and social media to help our multiple ongoing initiatives and projects both, in Washington DC, and at various State chapters of Immigration Voice. To create awareness and to increase the profile of the issue, he has developed relations with many reporters across various media outlets. CNN, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, TV Asia and other media outlets have quoted him for his thoughts and comments on the issue of immigrants' rights and green card backlogs. Vikram and his wife are blessed with twins, and Desai family lives in Philadelphia suburb. Vikram can be reached at

Xiheng is a software engineer helping develop trading platforms in the financial industry.  He didn't want to be stuck in a position where he didn't see much career growth, especially hindered by a BEC'ed labor certification, and therefore, he joined a new company that sponsored his PERM application in the EB3 category.  After witnessing the great efforts of Immigration Voice in May/June 2006, he decided on two things: 1) petition his employer to refile his PERM in EB2/China category, and 2) help Immigration Voice out as he can.  He hopes to help this organization with the paid membership drive initiative. His handle is xu1.

Apart from the above mentioned core members there are many other members are also active at the various state chapters.

National Advisory Board

Neil Patel Neil Patel
Former Domestic & Economic Policy Advisor to VP
Robert Hoffman Robert Hoffman
Senior Vice President of ITI
Ilya Shapiro Ilya Shapiro
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, CATO Institute



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