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IV Forum Login / Access Issue 


  • Basic and Mandatory Columns

                 State of Residence
                 Would you like to be a Immigration Voice Volunteer
                 Current GC Processing State
                 Priority Date
                 Green Card Category
                 County of Chargeability
                 Service Center

  • RFE columns are not mandatory
  • For I-140 or I-485 Stage - Labor Approval date is mandatory
  • For I-140 stage, 'I-140 Filing Type' and 'I-140 Mail Date' is mandatory
  • For I-485 stage, 'I-485 Mail Date is mandatory'

Thank you for actively participating towards the community effort. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you may be experiencing with IV Forums login / access. We are working to collect relevant data for IV tracker which is intended to be used for two purposes:

1.) To help all members see the progress with other cases filed around the same time.

2.) We have reached out to USCIS for the pending applications data. But USCIS's feedback has not been positive. So we plan on using the collected data to make our case with the lawmakers, showing the case data for the delays with various cases and that the problem is widespread.

To achieve this objective we need help from all members and we request you to please provide valid data. It may be few minutes inconvenience for you but it will certainly help us to make our case with the lawmakers. That is why we sincerely request you to please enter valid data/dates in your IV User Profile, even if it requires you to go back and look at your documents. Many members are spending a lot of time and effort to collect the relevant data so that the data could be utilized to make our case stronger.


If your current status is pending 'I-485', following fields are mandatory in the user profile:

  • Priority Date
  • Green Card Category
  • Nationality
  • Country of Changeability
  • Service center
  • Labor Approval Date
  • I140 Mailed Date
  • I140 Filing Type
  • I485 Mailed Date

Non of the RFE columns are mandatory. However, we do request you to please enter relevant data in case you received and/or replied to an RFE. In case you applied in EB-1 or EB-2 NIW and you did not have to apply for Labor Certification, please use your I-140 apply date (Priority Date) as 'Labor Approved' date.


Kindly enter relevant information and help us all. Thank you for your understanding.


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National Advisory Board

Neil Patel Neil Patel
Former Domestic & Economic Policy Advisor to VP
Robert Hoffman Robert Hoffman
Senior Vice President of ITI
Ilya Shapiro Ilya Shapiro
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, CATO Institute



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