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Old 09-19-2007, 08:33 AM
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Default i dont need a GC !

Among the many requests of contribution and attending rallies, sending flowers et al, i could not understand why some people are so passionate about this campaign while others sit behind monitors with fingers crossed and waiting. As i was trying to reason with myself about the intricacies of such behavior, my phone rang. A friend of mine (currently on H visa) wanted to know if this was an opportune time to file Labor. As i have gone through this process and reached the final stage, i have in the past advised, requested even begged for him to file GC, saying that there was no reason to wait !

His first question was - how much extension do i get on my H visa after labor clearence. He went on 'How much further if i have an approved I-140' ? Then came the famous question about USD rate vs CDN rate - comparing if it was worth staying here that long cause nowadays one is at par with the other.

As we discussed all possible scenarios, it dawned on me that my good friend was not looking to get a GC but was merely planning to extend his H stay to 9 yrs or so and then make enough money to go back home. Both he and his wife are working and they can easily support themselves on a single income which means the other salary is all savings. Now if i could just have that savings continue for another 3 yrs (after my regular 6yr term), i can go back home and have a great life.

Stepping into my friends shoes ...
Tell me now, do i really need a green card ? Do i really need to push a system which, if even broken, does give me the ability to do what i want. If i had to wait and change jobs, i can manage that - cant i - after all, any place in US is much the same. I can drive a honda civic that has 120k miles on it to work. Do i really need to contribute to IV and push for a GC. What if i get a GC sooner, will it make a drastic change in my plans to make good money and go back ??

Back to me now...
I dont know about you guys reading this thread but i came here to have a good life, a good job and the ability and opportunity to pursue what i wanted to all my life. I think i am making a contribution to this country and its in no small terms. I belong here, even if it is for 6ys or 9. I dont want to be pushed around by anybody just because they have a GC. Even if i went back to India or China or philipines or where ever HOME might be, i value this time of my life and i dont want to spend it waiting ever so patiently for when i make enough money to go back home and have a good time.

I deserve a Green Card cause i want it more than my dearest friend !!!
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