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Old 04-21-2016, 07:41 PM
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Default Marketing is bad, but long live marketing!!

Last week I wrote about my journey from H1B to green card; to eventually a citizenship. Here is the URL.

This journey was a transforming experience. Its not the clarity of thoughts but the contradiction within myself that tells me how much I have changed as a person. For example, when I landed in America in 2000, I always wondered why we thank a cab driver, when we are paying that person money for the service. I believed that when someone takes money – its not help. Fast forward in 2016, I have created a marketplace called, where people can buy and sell help. How ironic!! Capitalism turns you into a complete monster.

Similarly, during the days of my immigration frustration; I never had high regards for Indian American community or diaspora in the United States. I was struggling and they never gave a helping hand; they immigrated when things were easy; and they do not want any more people to enter the United States of America. Selfish Great Indian Bastards. And now I am a part of the same group. How ironic!! Capitalism makes you blind towards people suffering from injustice.

I also believed that marketing is the worst thing mankind has ever invented. It lures gullible innocent people into buying things they really do not need. Gimmicks, putting lipstick on the pig – as a purist I hate them. Yet today I earn my living and support my family as a marketing manager. How ironic!! Capitalism has an ugly face, and I have a love and hate relationship with it. I love it when it works in my favor, I hate it when when the nice guy inside me peeks out every once in a while. I am a man made of contradictions.

Now let us piece together these three scenarios to understand why Desi diaspora never helps people stuck in the immigration queue. That’s because help is bought in the United States of America. If you want help, you buy it, and on top of it you say “Thank you” to the person who is selling it. Weird? Welcome to the United States of America. So if you want Desi diaspora to help you, you have to market yourself to them, buy their help, and it does not hurt to say a Thank You.

Most of us understand why we need their help. The Indian American community is 3.1 million strong – that’s lots of votes. They form a smooth flowing under current in American political system; in terms of campaign funding, vested interests, lobbying, and what not. Yet they are quite and never become vocal about their demands. If you anticipate that they will come out like Latino community, demonstrating in your favor in front of the white house because all men are created equal; dream on.

But if you market your strength to them, and show how you are a valuable asset for their businesses, and why the flow of immigrants from India makes them prosperous, they may talk to their senators, congress members to bring that much desired change in legal immigration. Does your Indian grocery guy know about EB3 backlog? Does your Indian cab walaah gives a damn about your problems? Does the guy run a motel, gas station, or restaurant knows how your backlog impacts his business? If not, why on the earth they will ever force politicians to solve this problem.

What we all need to realize that immigrants from a particular country create a unique ecosystem in America. More immigration inflow from India means better business for local Indian American community. I always hear from my friend running Indian grocery store in Colorado on how business is stale after the restrictions on H1B visas started in the past. The day Desi diaspora realizes that visa rules are impacting the business; they will support your struggle in a subtle manner; to bring that much desired change for you.

So please market yourself to 3.1 million strong Desi diaspora; tell them that your problems are impacting their business, and market yourself to them in order to buy their help (Oh I hate marketing; the worst possible thing mankind ever invented). Market your story to the Indian cab operator, grocery store, hotel walaah, gas station walaah, technology walaah alike. Please tell them that the backlogged family and employment based categories are impacting their businesses. In an election year, this can have greater impact.

So why am I urging you to do that? Because all men are equal? May be. But what I am sure about is that the success of my recently launched business depends on you. If we get more immigrants from India, more people will invite their parents to visit United States, and more people will need travel help companion. When Desi diaspora grows from current 3.1 million to 5 million, 7 million … 11 million, my business prospect become better. It is as simple as that. So I am convinced that in this election year when I meet my senator, congress member, and candidates – I will urge them to make immigration reforms for legal immigrants from India (employment as well as family based) because its hurting my business. When most other US citizens do the same – we will see the impact.

And to those junior members @IV who are feeling that they have exposed me for implicitly marketing my business on Immigration Voice forum (on Life after green card section), here what I have to say – please find a place on this planet Earth where you don’t have to deal with it. Going back to India won’t help because India is a capitalistic country too. You may have to ride a time machine to go before 1947 because post independence, India was a mixed economy (capitalistic + socialistic). And by the way, before you ride the time machine – please check out - a market place where you can buy and sell travel help. Want to pay less when flying to India? Just help others and charge a fee in lieu of your help. You can reduce your travel cost by becoming a travel companion. Want to find a travel companion? Use power of cash incentive to attract travel companion for your loved ones- long before their flight leaves the ground.

Marketing is bad, implicit marketing is cunning, explicit marketing is shameless … but long live marketing.

Ironically yours,
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