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logiclife 07-29-2007 07:16 PM

Immigration Voice rally in Washington DC : 18th Sept

Immigration Voice will hold a rally and gathering in Washington DC on Sept 18th 2007.

Immigration Voice will be doing a huge rally of 10,000 plus members in Washington DC on September 18th. The route and timing will be announced shortly.

Every member must participate on Sept 18th in this rally in DC. Congress will be back from August recess in early September and there will be a fresh look at smaller pieces of immigration related issues, including high-skills immigration.

After having favorable consequences from the flower campaign and the San Jose rally, it is now time to have a big event in the front-yard of congress in Washington DC, so that the long ignored issue of visa backlogs (retrogression) is addressed. This event will be hugely consequential as it will get much more coverage in media and much more attention of congress because of 2 reasons: It will be a really big crowd and secondly, it will be in Washington DC. Immigration Voice will arrange for permits from the metropolitan police and other authorities and we will also arrange for banners. All you have to do is show up.

Please plan to take a day off on September 18th to attend this event. If you do not live within the driving distance of DC, then there is ample time for you to book travel by air or by train ahead of time. 18th September is Thursday and if you book your travel and accommodation ahead of time (and there is plenty of time still) then you can participate with minimal expense.

Immigration Voice wants to do something as consequential as the flower campaign and the San Jose rally but only this time, it will be much bigger and much more consequential aimed at congressional action on visa backlogs and broken system of high-skills immigration. We aim to resolve this issue but we cannot do it alone and therefore it is imperative for every one, and by that we mean EVERY ONE to show up. If you wanted to be a part of San Jose rally but couldn’t, then now is your chance to protest peacefully and fight for a fair system and just process.

Always remember, we are in United States at the invitation of our employers and our employers have filed our green card petitions in order to retain us. It is only fair and only just to ask for a system that achieves that objective without delays and without putting the immigrants in probationary limbo for 6-12 years. And it is your obligation to yourself and your family to stand up for your rights and ask congress to legislate and fix the system so that it works the way it was originally intended to work. Just ask a participant of San Jose rally of how proud and how satisfied everyone was after the rally – not just due to impact – but just because they have stood up and spoken up for their issue.

Please stay tuned for more updates about the route, times and other updates. In the meantime, please plan to travel with friends and family and let your friends know about this event. If you plan to carpool with local IV members, or book travel or hotel reservation in groups for group discount, please go here :

Please take a look at the videos of some proud IV members who participated in events organized by IV like the flower campaign and the San Jose rally.

Univision Interview of Tamsen (franklin), IV member and San Jose Rally participant.

Immigration Voice members interviewed by CNN IBN outside USCIS office during flower campaign.

Reports AAJ TAK (Hindi language) about Flower campaign.

Reports on CNBC on July Bulletin Fiasco and interview with Immigration Voice member Dr. Bahrainwala .

Rally reported by KTVU channel 2 in San Jose.

franklin 07-29-2007 07:22 PM

I'll try and be there!

Originally Posted by WaldenPond
This is Great!!! Already received first batch of confirmations from members in CA, MI, TX, MN, AZ, NJ, IL, IN, NY, VA, NV, PA, GA, FL. I can already feel the positive energy flowing here.

If possible, please consider to be in DC on Sept 13th and Sept 14th. We will arrange for meetings with the office of the Senators and Congressmen on Friday (9/14). So we could all go in the groups of 100-200 from each state to meet with every office. IV community has grown substantially and we believe that the Rally, along with the meetings on the Hill with the office of lawmakers, will turn the tide of this debate. This will bring our issues to the forefront and part of the national debate. There is lot of activity going on and our rally is perfectly timed. If ever we could participate to change the course of EB green card provisions, then this is it. It may be slightly inconvenient to travel during the week and you may have to take 1-2 days off from work. But in the end, you will see that it is well worth it. Also, if you ask the participants of San Jose rally, everyone who participated in the San Jose rally will tell you their sense of satisfaction from participating in that rally. This is our chance to make the difference and we think that this rally will be extremely consequential for the entire EB green card debate.

We will urge all members to maybe talk to your friends and find out if it would be feasible to rent a bus from your city/area. IV will try to provide assist and help with the arrangements in every possible way. More importantly, our families are the silent soldiers of this effort, so all members are requested to please attend the rally with your family. I am sure that we will see new ideas emerge in next 6 weeks as the discussion about the rally picks up steam.

As we already know that rally in DC will demand a massive mobilization, planning and coordination. So we need help from everybody for making this a SUCCESS. Lets all have a constructive dialogue with our colleagues, friends and neighbors about attending the rally, together.



Originally Posted by logiclife
If you live within 300-400 miles of DC and want to drive and carpool with a fellow IV member in your city, go here

Also, use that subforum for group reservations. A lot of sites like expedia and hotwire offer huge discounts if you book tickets in big number. If you live in a bigger city, then you can co-ordinate with friends and book reservations in groups.

But DO NOT let the group forming hold you up. IF you cant find someone, then just book your travel alone ahead of time. Its still 6 more weeks to go and tickets are available at discounts right now coz its still early.


Originally Posted by pappu
If you are interested in being a volunteer for the rally, Pls sign up on this thread.

We will have a lot of work to do in planning this rally, media, banners, discipline, water, registration, and what not. You do not need to be from DC or nearby areas to be part of this volunteer team.

So if you are interested, here is what you need to do.

- Post on this thread that you are willing to help in Pre-Rally preparations
- Post on this thread that you are willing to help during the Rally
- What help you are willing to offer.
- Update your profile with complete information. Incomplete profile members will not be contacted or considered.

We will need everyone's effort to make this rally a success.
On another note: Please consider contributing as well for the rally so that we can make investments in the preparation of the rally and can do more to make this a success.


Originally Posted by pappu
IV will be printing banners for this rally for all our members. No member will be allowed to bring his/her own banner.

If you have ideas or slogans for banners, pls post here. We will also use the slogans used in the San Jose Rally.

We need a lot and variety of slogans. So let your creative juices flow.


Originally Posted by pappu
We will need everyone's effort to make this rally a success.

There are several things we can do and make this a big event. Banners, media relations, flyers, publicity, refreshments, Presentations for lawmakers etc etc

All this will need investment from IV and we can do it only if our members support us in this huge task by contributing funds as well as time. Please consider contributing as well for the rally so that we can make investments in the preparation of the rally and can do more to make this a success.

Your IV team


Originally Posted by pappu
This is the time for all lawyers, bloggers, website owners, ethnic media to show support for the rally. We know a lot of them visit our site or are known to our members. We request them to announce this Immigrationvoice event on their site. IV will greatly appreciate this gesture to generate publicity.

IV members, please post this news to various forums and websites you visit so that we can generate maximum publicity.

Awesome news!

I'll see if I can get the time off work tomorrow, plus - I've never been to DC!

If you like, Gsc999, ArunAntonio and myself created a "rally 101" document based on our experiences organizing the San Jose rally. I'm more than will to forward that if it would help at all.

logiclife 07-29-2007 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by franklin
Awesome news!

I'll see if I can get the time off work tomorrow, plus - I've never been to DC!

If you like, Gsc999, ArunAntonio and myself created a "rally 101" document based on our experiences organizing the San Jose rally. I'm more than will to forward that if it would help at all.

Yes, absolutely we need help. Especially for the placards and other arrangements that would be done locally.

This will be THE BIGGEST rally in DC in the last few months and will create splash in news - CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and MSNBC -- everywhere.

People in Northeast from Maine to Tennessee and From Long Island to Ohio and everyone is between : YOU CAN DRIVE and you should be there on Sept 13th.

Jaime 07-29-2007 08:42 PM

Can you change the thread's title color to red?
This is great, put it n big red letters on the home page! I will do all I can to be there. Checked airfares to DC from Dallas for that day and it's only $202!

singhsa3 07-29-2007 09:48 PM

I will be there, Will try to get my wife and kid too. But a question, isn't 10,000 a lofty goal. Can you put a voting button to gauge the crowd?

bala50 07-29-2007 09:49 PM

I will be there .

Jitamitra 07-29-2007 10:14 PM

I live in DC and you can count me in. I will try to get couple of my american colleagues and desi friends to join me.

tabletpc 07-29-2007 10:19 PM

Beat the iron when its hot..!!!!

Its a very good idea to have rally in Washington. I am sure someone /spokesperson could be asked to talk for TV news. whoever it is should be very clear in our demands and should communicate properly. I remember during flower campaign, someone was asked the reason behind sending flowers(don't want to say what he said). If i were him i would have said.."WE legal immigrants are being totally neglected while illegal immigrants have being given more importance( would have added more points on how we r contributing to US economy). We wanted to knock the doors of media and we thought this is one such good unique peaceful option. blah blah...".

All i could make out from the rally information is to demand for the recapturing of unused visa or come out with a new immigration rule for employement categories. Is this just enough....??? What about other issues like...

1. US degree holders having problems with getting H1B...??
2. What about the family based GC which is back logged for 5 years..???
3. Etc....

The bottom line of my post is..we need to come out with agenda before sep 13 so that we r clear in what we are asking. All though all demands may not be accepted/respected....we stand greater chance of expecting something working out when demands are more.

Any inputs...

eb3_nepa 07-29-2007 10:23 PM


vkallank 07-29-2007 10:26 PM

i shall be there on sept 13th.

newuser 07-29-2007 10:29 PM

Count me in

wa_Saiprasad 07-29-2007 10:40 PM

Count us in....
My wife and I will be there. We are taking the day off. I live in Plainsboro, NJ. I will make atleast 5 others members come for the rally. Guys, let each of us get one of our friend for this rally. It will be a HUGE HIT!!!

Can the Admin set a poll?

GT7481 07-29-2007 10:48 PM

I Will Be there
Count me in

digital2k 07-29-2007 10:53 PM


smisachu 07-29-2007 10:55 PM

I am In !!
Count me in..I live in North Jersey. Any one form NY/NJ who wants to car pool with me send me a PM.

Lets kick some political Butt!!!

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