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go_gc_way 10-02-2006 05:40 PM

Post I V Banner
Hello Friends,

Now the Fence bill has come and gone, none of our amendments are included in, all by now may have realized we need to keep it up for few more months before we see something happen.

And all those waiting for something to happen may also have realized that they need to contribute $, and I believe they did. (I did.)

I sincerely believe that IV members need also have to do one more SIMPLE ACT. Please spread the word about IV.

I have seen N number of times IV core members & many others, requesting to post the banner of IV in the grocery store you visit to help admit more members.

If you have not done it, please do so. I did it.

Simple things like this will help IV membership grow bigger and better chances of getting something done.


(I am not a member of IV Core Team)

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