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1982dc 06-26-2012 02:22 PM

Do you believe Denis was a victim of “Operation Return to Sender” alongside, many errors made by DHS personnel?”
This is my case, in 12/2007; Denis called the Department of Homeland Security requesting a citizenship application to be mail to him, he explained to the representative that he wanted to change his status from Permanent Residency to Citizenship. During that conversation with DHS, he learnt about their online application, the fees, reassurance on the correct forms, and clarity of the instructions for completing a successful application. On the application, there was one or two questions asking, “Do you have any felony charges,” he answered yes. If you answered, “yes,” DHS ask that he retrieve copies of original charges from the courts and then mail them to DHS, which, he complied. Denis charges occurred 1982, and in result of the charges, he had 18 months of probation.
In 7/2008, Denis moved to a different state, he contacted DHS, and informed them of his new address to inquire the status of his application. DHS did mailed an appointment letter to take the Citizenship Test 5/19/2009. 5/19/2009, Denis took the Citizenship Test, and passed but, he was not given a sworn in date because the clerk stated, he had to see a Deportation Judge, and he was told by the clerk “we will contract in about week with a sworn in date.” Denis was sure there was some type of error in their system, and they would be sending him a sworn in date soon so he could become a citizen. 6/12/2009 at 5:30 am, Denis and his family were awakening by loud banging on their doors. We didn’t know who so desperately wanted to get in our home. We peeped out the windows, but we saw no one nor heard anyone; neither, there was not a car parked in our driveway, nor parked in the front of our house, so we just assume it was someone at the wrong house, and they would soon realize that and go away. However, they did not, the banging became louder, and they began to shine flashlights in our window, now we were frightened and I was ready to call 911. Denis yelled down to the door “Who is that” at that time we, heard voices, but we could not make out what they were saying. Then we heard law enforcement, Denis yell through the door what happen, they ask him to open the door, so they could show him a picture of a person whom is a fugitive and using this address. Denis crack the door open just enough to look at their picture, and immediately told them “no” he did not know that person and proceeded to tell them they was at the wrong house. They ask if they could come in to talk to him about this person, he told them “again, I have never seen that person before.” Then they said, “we need to come in,” at that point, before Denis gave consent the door had open wider, and they came in from both sides of him. We were frighten to death; confused, still unsure who they were because they had not properly identified themselves. also, my daughters and I was not properly dress for those men to be in our home nor prepared for visitors at 6 am. They walked straight in to the kitchen, and then said we are ICE and then they asked Denis for his ID to verify whom they talked to for their records. Denis had to go upstairs in our bedroom to get his ID; a few of the men followed him up, and then I became more frighten because that was strange. I was afraid and began asking them questions, and I was told, we will discussed it after Denis shows them his ID, one of them took it from Denis hands and said lets go back down to talk. I noticed a man standing in each one of the doorways; my thoughts were they are robbers. They talked in codes to each other briefly then Denis said okay people you saw what you needed now it’s time for you all to go. At that point, they said, “Mr. Clarke you are under arrest.” We said is this some type joke? They stated that Denis was a fugitive since 1982, but they couldn’t explained the charges properly, we told them that they were making a mistake, at that point, one of them open the folder and showed Denis his picture and said you are the one who we are looking for & you have been hiding from ICE since 1982. Could you imagine what was going on in our minds and the impacts of this awful situation have on our family? ICE arrested and handcuffed Denis; then Douglas county police came, they added their remarks about fugitives, our neighbors watched, it was embarrassing. DHS released him later that evening wearing a GP ankle bracelet In addition, he had to follow DHS/ICE rules more so, if convicted he faces deportation. His court dates postponed 5 times, but they took the GP Bracelet off 3/23/2011.
Since 1982, Denis has always reported every one of his addresses to DHS; he has always renewed his green card with DHS by going to their buildings. Denis had worked on the same job for 23+ years; he had cars in his name. He has a driver license and credit cards in his name with his address listed for each one. His action does not appear to one of a “fugitive.”
In 1982, he was railed road with the drug charges and since then he has never had any trouble with the law.
This situation has changed our lives very much, especially in this recession we were unemployed and had to use the last of the savings to pay for a lawyer. This is another story.
Do you believe Denis was a victim of “Operation Return to Sender” alongside, many errors made by DHS personnel?”

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