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genius2012 04-05-2018 10:24 AM

Parents visa got 214(b) rejection
I am on H1B status since 2011 with approved petition till 2020 and GC is under process (I-140 Approved), also I have stamping done last year in India. I am currently in California.
My father is a farmer and my mother is a Homemaker. My fatherís age is 65 years and motherís 63 years.
My parents have 3 kids, one myself, working in USA, other two are my brother and sister both married and living in India.
My father possession land, plots and is having own house in India.
I applied for their visitor visa and they attended interview on 05-April-2018 at Mumbai consulate, India.
I was sponsoring the trip and I have enough balance in my US bank account.
They have all the required documents.

During interview they just asked 4 questions:
Que: what is your occupation?
Ans: Farmer
Que: Who stays in US?
Ans: Our son

Que: Where in US?
Ans: California

Que: What is your son doing?
Ans: He is working as software engineer.

Without asking any more question they got rejection with 214(b). They didnít ask for any document. Without asking how you will you prove your ties. According to 214(b), applicant should have ties to their home country and have reason to come back to own country.
As my parents have their own properties in India. They have 2 kids and also have grand kids in India.

I want to re-apply their visa in next month. Please advise how to overcome 214(b) and get the approval.
What more details should I add to my application?

Provided below details in my Ds-160:
Travel Information
The List of Purposes of Trip to the U.S.
Purpose of Trip to the U.S. (1): TEMP. BUSINESS PLEASURE VISITOR (B)
Have you made specific travel plans? NO
Intended Date of Arrival: 30 APRIL 2018
Intended Length of Stay in U.S.: 2 MONTH(S)

Work/Education/Training Information
Primary Occupation: AGRIC ULTURE
Present Employer or School Name: SELF - FARMER
Briefly Describe your Duties: FARMING, GROWING, IRRIGATING AND

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