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maxiorkudlaty 08-21-2015 09:07 PM

Green Card lottery
Hello everyone! :D

Let me describe my situation first. :)
I've been in US as a student from 2011. My wife won a green card in the dv lottery last year (european country), so we decided that she will come to me after she does interview and all of the stuff. We did everything, she came to me, received the green card after 1 month. We went to the lawyer to see how we can receive the green card for me ( I couldn't go back to the country where my wife won the lottery), so we filled up all documents, went to the interview, 5 minutes, done. The officer in DHS(Department of Homeland Security) in Chicago said "You're done, the green card will come in 3-4 weeks.".

1. As we were waiting, the week later I received the letter from the DHS which was: I-797, case type: I-485 Application to register permanent residence or adjust status, Notice type: Welcome notice, section: other basis for adjustment, COA: DV7.
It starts with: "Welcome to the USA. This is to notify you that your application for permanent residence has been aproved. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to permanent resident status in the USA. [...] We will soon mail you a new Permanent Resident Card. You should receive it within the next 3 weeks.". The notice date is the same as I was at the interview.

2. One day later I received DHS document I-797C, case type: I-485 application to register permanent residence or adjust status, notice type : blank. And it says: "After review, we have reopened the above application or petition, or reconsidered the decision previously issued. You will receive a notice under separate cover once all action has been completed.". The notice date 1 day after the interview.

3. Three weeks later I received another letter which is DHS document, I-797, case type: I765 Application for employment authorization. Notice type: Approval Notice, class C09, Valid from (DATE) to (DATE).
It says " Your application for employment authorization has been aproved. The form I-766, Employment Authorization Document, was sent under seperate cover to the beneficiary........". I did receive the seperate letter the same day and I do have this Employment Authorization Card with information "Not valid to reentry to U.S". Notice date 17 days after second later, so 18 days after the interview.

In addition, the first two letter's receipt number is the same, the third one came with another receipt number (there's the difference in to last digits).

Now questions :confused::confused::confused:

Will I receive my green card?
If yes, will I receive it before the dv lottery ends (30th September)?
Did the lawyer make a mistake?
Why did I receive the Employment Authorization Card?

I would appreciate your quick response! :)
Thank you in advance!

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