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KanME 08-03-2007 12:31 PM

An "Aye" in my favor , keep the economy in good stature ..

Show that you care...I am a legal constituent ..

YOU are my Senator ..Talk for me , Vote for me..Legal GreenCard aspirants.

ALIENS.. America's Legal Intelligent Entrepreneur Non-violent Skilled community..Purge the endless wait , keep us Human...

sparky123 08-03-2007 12:39 PM

a one liner
"Don't we deserve?
What's our crime?"

jetguy777 08-03-2007 01:07 PM

Post Banner Slogans
Here are some suggestions:

Green Card = Red Tape

What if your grandfather or grandmother had to wait ten years at Ellis Island?

Hear that? It's the "giant sucking sound" of high tech jobs leaving the U.S.

Visa Fees $1,000
Legal Fees $5,000
Becoming an American: Priceless

leoindiano 08-03-2007 01:59 PM

Endless wait !
Fix it straight!

Sampath7768 08-03-2007 02:01 PM

Some more...

"My Life, USCIS Way"

"Legally Stuck"

"Legally Bonded"

" 5 More Years !! Are you Sure ?"

"Give Us Stability"

""Five Years and Waiting"

"Want to Invest, but Cannot!!"

"We Are The Future"

"We are the Future Enterprenurs"

"Future ! What Future?"

"In Q for Five Years"

"Why So Apathy !!"

Disclaimer: Some of them might have already suggested by other members. Please do not sue me. I gave all my money to USCIS :p

leoindiano 08-03-2007 02:03 PM

You can do it, we can help !

leoindiano 08-03-2007 02:04 PM

USCIS, I am high-tech, Do you?

apb 08-03-2007 02:40 PM

From the San Jose rally I have approx 20-25 banners stocked up in my home. Maybe if somebody has a big suitcase they can carry some to DC.
Remember these are from San Jose rally and NOT all of them would be appropriate there.

leoindiano 08-03-2007 02:47 PM

Be fair to Be Competetive.

digital2k 08-03-2007 02:50 PM


leoindiano 08-03-2007 02:51 PM

Fix It (Legal Immigration) or Loose it(to other countries)

reedandbamboo 08-03-2007 03:18 PM

We can't get no SATISFACTION
with USCIS and Congress INACTION

diptam 08-03-2007 05:25 PM

Will think more later ...
<< Banner1
Give us green (card) & Stay Local (jobs).
Save Future of America from being Oursourced !!

Green Vehicle saves Oil
Green Card saves Human !!

<< Banner3
Justice delayed is Justice Denied
GreenCard delayed is Green Card Denied ??

sss2000 08-03-2007 09:47 PM

Future of US
Future of US
No tech - Local leader
High tech - Global leader

Something along these lines...

digital2k 08-03-2007 09:48 PM


american_dreams 08-04-2007 02:05 AM

Please, help me with my American Dream.

When will my American Dream come true?

swede 08-04-2007 02:16 AM

My suggestions:
I wish I could immigrate through Ellis Island.
Why does it take 10 years for USCIS to figure out if I'm needed?
Sorry son, your country does not allow daddy to stay here.
Immigration. It was better when you could.
Next time I will run across the border.
What is fair? 10 years? 20 years? Life?
More manpower to USCIS.
Process our applications!
Legal, skilled and discriminated.
Legal, skilled and ignored.

My favorite:
Justice for the legal and skilled!

digital2k 08-04-2007 03:09 AM


sc3 08-04-2007 11:21 AM

I had a dream...

now I have nightmares

Another thought....

Slogan says "American dreams" then strike out dreams and insert nightmare on top.

obviously 08-04-2007 04:45 PM

"The Great American Dream. Keep dreaming!"

"Thank you ignoring the plight of the needy at your doorstep"

"Just one bill. To end high-skill slavery"

"Red or Blue. You know what to do!"

"Red, White & Blue. Our passion counts too"

"Its time to wake up! Dont hit the snooze again!"

"The worlds "greatest democracy". Time to walk the talk"

"Red White & Blue. Red tape. White lies. Blue 'n bruised."

"Make YOUR vote count. Fix high skilled immigration"'

"My work makes your stock price move."

"My medicines cure your grandkids too."

"Legal High Skilled Immigrants Pay Taxes too!"

"Legal High Skilled Immigrants Pay Social Security too!"

"Legal High Skilled Immigrants Pay Medicare too!"
Prilosec Problems

HV000 08-04-2007 10:03 PM

Fbi Name Check Banners
FBI NAME CHECK banners (see below) could be displayed during the september rally to illustrate the painful delay in the NAME CHECK process.




Media and Congress WILL PAY to this issue!

ghost 08-04-2007 10:03 PM

Proud to be a Lawful Immigrant in a Land of Immigrants

Global Cream waiting on the American Dream

"Serve the Justice" for people who followed the "Rule of Law"

Fix the USCIS system before the system fixes us

Americans love the "Rule of Law", do not betray them

Americans cannot afford wait for 10 more years before another Google or Intel happens

Lawmakers: For the sake of Law, Deliberate or Liberate but don't Ignore

alterego 08-05-2007 01:17 AM

Stuck on the modern day Ellis Island

vaishalikumar 08-05-2007 08:58 PM

Employment-Based Immigrants are treated as BEGGARS for Green Card in USA , WHY ?????

Employment-Based Immigrants are an ASSET for USA , dont't lose them by delaying Green Card .

We contribute to US Economy, We wait endlessly for Green Card.

Future of Employment-Based Immigrants in USA ..... Endless wait for Green Card

vaishalikumar 08-05-2007 09:04 PM

High-skill Slavery For Gc In Usa !

gc4me 08-06-2007 02:31 PM

Members please add company names here that is founded by high skilled immigrants.


Originally Posted by gc4me
Peoples who will be holding up posters with these slogans should stay in a row side by side:

We gave you Google
Now, give us GC

We gave you intel
Now, give us GC

And the list goes on………………..
Members please add list here. Text ‘Google’, ‘ intel’ etc should exactly match company’s logo

digital2k 08-06-2007 02:32 PM


franklin 08-06-2007 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by digital2k

Do you have some direction from the core team mandating that this is the only action item to work on?

leoindiano 08-06-2007 05:15 PM

Global Talent Is Here
Use it OR Lose it

53885 08-06-2007 05:45 PM

We should carry banners thanking pro-legal-immigration lawmakers.

such as
Congresswoman Lofgren
Senator Cornyn
Senator Liberman
Senator Cantwell
Congressman Lamar Smith

Many thanks to
Congresswoman Lofgren
for the support

digital2k 08-06-2007 07:49 PM


bala50 08-06-2007 07:51 PM

A Question To Congress
Please identify my mistake from the following.

(a)Enter US Legally
(b)Earn Masters degree from a US university
(c)Work hard and pay taxes
(d)Follow all the immigration rules and apply for green card
(e)None of the above

If the answer is (e) - Then why punish me by your inaction?

bala50 08-06-2007 07:57 PM

A Request to Congress
We are ready to prove ourselves
Just (G)ive us a (C)hance

bala50 08-06-2007 08:02 PM

IN GOD WE TRUST - moto of the nation
IN CONGRESS WE TRUST - moto of Legal EB Immigrants

at485stage 08-08-2007 01:53 AM

Reduce Backlog !
We troubleshoot software logs
We visit 1000 blogs
We operate on artery clogs
Can't you reduce immigration backlogs ?

gcpadmavyuh 08-08-2007 02:21 AM

UNUSED Wireless Minutes Carried Over, Why not UNUSED VISA NUMBERS?
Love this one... apt for our goal of visa number recapture.


Originally Posted by mantagon (Post 136434)
- Immigration or Frustration?

- GREEN Card or GRIEF Card?

- To get GREEN, should we go thru' GRIEF?

- UNUSED Wireless Minutes Carried Over, Why not UNUSED VISA NUMBERS?

chauke 08-08-2007 10:16 AM

Increase in H1B Quota
Congratulations for the well begun part now I wish you all the Great People who are residing in America and fighting for their causes a great success in the rally.
I would like to emphasize that the cause of Increase in annual H1B QUOTA should also be taken care of and it should also be given equal representation and the members should come up with appropriate slogans for the increase in H1B quota.
Thanks and Congratulations for taking this initiative and best of luck for the rally.

chauke 08-08-2007 10:26 AM

Don't let Lottery Decide USA's Fate, Increase the H1B Cap.

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