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India2Pa 01-20-2012 01:58 PM

Visitors Visa for sister and or Parents
Me and my husband are on H1B visa. both working. am currently pregnant and willing to sponsor both my sister, brother and/or Parents .If visa approved i would like my sister/brother to visit me first as my parents have some health issue . during the due date my parents can visit for a short trip.

None of these four(Sister/brother and Parents) have govt job here. my sister has recetly complete . mum- house wife . dad- business . my brothers had applied for F1 visa three time in the past 2 years and all three rejected with a pink slip.

Also, i recently changed my employer. I 797 from Old employers is valid untill March2014 and the new I797 from my current employer is still pending with USCIS.
my husbands I797 is valid untill March 2015. we both are full time and earning well.

MY Elder sister/Brotherin law also lives in USA on a F1/F2 visa now on OPT till April.

Now here are my questions .

1. who should sponsor me or my Husband ??? If i have to sponsor should i be submitting Old i797 since my new i797 is still pending.

2. Can my sister/brother alone attend the visa interview or is it suggested they go all together sister/brother and parents for stamping ??? which case is more likely to get the stamping done.

3. What reason to state while applying for Vise for all of them ?? (can we say family get together as my whole family will be here)

Thanks in advance.

krishmunn 01-20-2012 03:35 PM

1) Nobody should / can sponsor them. Get out of that notion of sponsoring for a visa. Nothing like that exist. You can send an invitation letter . That's all.

2) It will be very difficult for your brother (three F1 rejection) to get a B1/B2. I suggest your sister tries alone . However, that too is very difficult. What ties back home are you going to show for her ?

3) Keep it simple -- tourism. Also, make sure they write something like 4 weeks or so in the duratoin of visit. Something like a 3 month or 6 month will sure get a rejection particularly for your sister and father.
However, if you are in one of the snow covered areas (MA, NY, Midwest etc) it will be difficult to justify why tourism in this peak winter.

4) If your parents have enough money ask them to write that they will self fund the trip.

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