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navdeep.mahajan 04-22-2009 11:11 PM

TBtest and Xray RFE
Initially I received an RFE to send complete I-693 form . Though i had submitted my medicals at the time of I485 filing in july 2007. After 15 days of sending the I-693 again ,i received another RFE for missing TB skin test and Xray report .

I visited the doctor and the physician apologized for missing the X-ray report last time but he didn't do the TB Skin test again, as per him i had positive reaction to my last TB skin test done in 2007 so only X-ray needs to be done ever again. TB Skin test should never be done again on me, he updated the medical reports stating the same and added his initials next to it. He also added the copy of the TB skin test report done in 2007.

The problem that appeared is that he printed the X-ray report and signed it but the RFE states that the X-report must be signed by the radiologist. I tried to convince the doctor but he says this is what he has been doing for the last 12 years. I wanted to check in case anybody has heard anything like that and if this is acceptable. Also the X-ray report is just a two line report stating that i am clear of any pulmonary disease. Is there a particular format of X-ray report that needs to be present?

My Q :-

1. Is it mandatory compulsory to get the Xray report signed by radiologist or even the civil surgeon's signature are fine .
2. What is the meaning of full and formal Xray report. Where can i get the format or sample content of such report
3.Is it ok to attach my earlier TB skin result and not take the test again.

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