View Full Version : I have another question regarding a work permit.

06-30-2009, 12:16 AM
The first I -797 notice that I got, states that they received my I-485 application on July 16, 2007. On the website for USCIS status update, it states that they received my application on September 8, 2007.
According to my understanding, one does not have to submit the $340 application fee for a work permit if they received the notice AFTER July 30, 2007. This is where it gets confusing.

Here's the problem...if they say on my paper notice that they received the application on July 16, 2007, then I would have to pay the $340.00 - correct?
But if the website states that they received it on September 8, 2007, then I would not have to pay the fee.
I need a job, plain and simple. I have been in this country for 6 years and have not had a single paycheck. I get room and board for taking care of an elderly disabled person and that's it. Any money I do get is from the kindness of friends and family or maybe babysitting for a friend etc.
I cannot afford the fee, but I don't want to take the time to fill out and submit the application if I have to pay.
How do I determine which notice to follow? Should I assume I have to pay the $340 and try to do so by borrowing the money from someone and if it wasn't necessary will they give it back? Or do I just go ahead and submit the application without the money and hope it gets approved? Does a work permit usually get approved or am I wasting my time?
If it is approved, do I get a social security number or what? I can't open a bank account nor change my driver's license without a social security number so I'm feeling really stuck.
Any suggestions?