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01-03-2010, 02:16 PM
Hi guys,
I have an urgent case regarding the I-485 initial evidence. I sent out my I-485 application w/ I-864 and I-864A back in November, 2009. I am a F-1 visa holder currently in PhD program with around 21,000 stipend per year. My wife which is the petitioner (I-864) has no income and she filed a I-864 with my stipend in the first I-864 form. Since I am the beneficial and the instruction said that I didn't have to include my W-2 form. My parents in law had a joint account together. My father in law filed another I-864 form with his stipend of 20,000, and my mother in law filed a I-864A form with her stipend of 20,000. They have joint tax returns, and I have given immigration the copy of their 3 years W-2 and 1040 form.
A few days ago, immigration has send me request for initial evidence (I485) with the check marks says
1. The household member on the petitioner/sponsor's form I -864, must submit the federal income tax return submitted to the IRS for the most recent tax year.
2. The household member on the petitioner/sponsors form I-864, and I-864A must submit all supporting tax documentation (W-2s) submitted to the IRS for the most recent tax year.

My question is, I have submitted my parents in law's tax return for 2006 to 2008. we do not have the year 2009 because it is not going to be ready until April. What do they want?

01-04-2010, 01:20 PM
You definately got to submit what they have asked for. If you feel something was done incorrectly when you filed your taxes talk to the CPA who filed it for you. Or consult some reputed CPA. In case they feel the tax returns need to be ammended you can file an ammendment pay any dues remaining and send a copy of the same to USCIS. Usually immigration process is pretty independent from IRS for most cases so you should be fine. Between your immigration lawyer & CPA you can cover what ever CIS needs.