View Full Version : AP travel and more than one stopover in EU

12-28-2009, 06:46 PM
Sorry, if this information is already available in the forum -- I couldn't find it.

I want to share my AP travel experience to my home country (India) via EU with more than one stopover. I had to change my return ticket as it is not permissible to travel via EU with more than one stopover for Indian citizens (and for citizens of other non-EU and non-US countries) that doesn’t have a valid schengen visa. The reason is that you have to do the EU immigration for your second stopover and therefore would require the schengen visa.

On my way to India I had two stopovers -- one in EU and other one in middle-east. On my way back to US too I had two stopovers -- both of them in EU. I didn't take the schengen visa as the stopover were in the countries that do not require a transit visa. I was traveling on AP. My flight to India with one stopover each in EU and middle-east was completed with no problem. But, on my way back to US the airlines staff told me that I've to make changes to my ticket as both the stopovers were in EU and I don't have a valid schengen visa. It cost me about $300 to make the changes (fortunately, there was no additional fare difference) and three days as no seats were available for next three days.

If you are traveling on AP or even on a valid US visa, make sure to either take only one stopover in EU or get the schengen visa if you have more than one stopover in EU.