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12-09-2009, 07:51 PM
I am in Tampa Florida and took my son (15 yr old) yesterday to get his learning permit. He is on AOS and we had I-797 rect. notice... now the guy at the counter said that he would take EAD or I-797 with I-130/I-140 only... I told him that my son is in school and he don't need EAD now and he doesn't fall under I-130 or I-140... He said that I have to bring I-130/I-140 receipt notice with I-797 for my son... and only then they can issue the permit... I was like that's crazy and he said, that this what the system says to bring or call immigration, we cannot give your son the permit...

Now the question is, how can a school student (15year old) who is in the Drivers Ed class get his/her permit on the basis of I-485 AOS receipt notice? He doesn't need EAD because he is not going to work (we got his EAD for the first year to get the SS card)... he doesn't fall under I-130/I-140... this means "No Work Permit for Him" So, my son who is a straight A student is going to get an F grade for the Driving Ed class because he cannot drive on the road with the school teacher... Which law is going to protect my son?


12-09-2009, 09:44 PM
Sorry to learn about the problem. States have been changing rules on driving licences, quite radically.

Here in Georgia, they have laid down clearly that in AOS cases, they need an EAD. We had to get one for our college-going daughter to get her driver's licence. For that matter, all our DLs, spouse, daughters and mine are coterminous with our EADs.

You may like to read the Florida DOT guidelines or instructions for acceptable documents. Or get in touch with a supervisor in person or over the phone.

Best of luck!

12-10-2009, 06:21 PM
I live in Tampa, Florida and if you have been to the DMV on MLK, then its not a surprise. There is one guy so dumb that he cant make sense of himself. Florida give DL with receipt notice. This guy told me that i have to get the LC, Employer letter and everything to get the DL. When i asked him again, he told me that he will cancel my license. So he is that much dumber that he thinks he can cancel my license for asking questions to clarify what he is taking about. The next day, i went to the DMV on livingston and the lady over there was very knowledgeable and she knew she have to call Tallahasee to verify if its a receipt notice. So try the livingston one instead of wasting time with that idiot.