View Full Version : Paid on a Expired EAD

11-06-2009, 02:54 PM
I applied for my EAD and AP extension on AUG 17 2009 and my EAD was expiring on AUG 29th 2009. While my wifes EAD and AP got approved, I had an RFE as I had not sent the recent photographs so I sent that and the receipt date for that was OCT 9 2009.

I continued working and got paid, after speaking to friends I realized, getting paid on a Expired EAD is not right.

I have taken a infopass to discuss this with USCIS to get an update.

One more point I wanted to make was that my payroll company doesn't know about this and doesn't care. But if I bring it up then .they might immediately terminate my employment.

How do I fix this? Please suggest.