View Full Version : Business in EAD

06-25-2009, 01:03 PM

My brother has a company in MI. As I am in EAD and I am not working currently, I am thinking of two options and would like to know which one is best legally and for tax purposes.

I also want to let you know that though I am not a partner in brothers company, the money that I could earn individually is same as earning money through for brothers business(as it is knid of family business).

My two options are:

1.) My brother is planning to buy clothes and Fashion Accessories like Anklets, Toe Rings and so on from India. Since I am in PA, he could start a branch in PA and employ me to work in the retail store (which he plans to start in PA) where he could sell the products that I mentioned above.

2.) The other option is I could buy the products in my name from India and sell the products in retail using my name. (In this case, I am not associated with any company or planning to start a new company)

Please let me know which option is more beneficial considering legally as my status in EAD and beased on Tax Purposes.