View Full Version : H1 to EAD.. Now AP? Status?

10-07-2009, 06:08 PM

Here is our situation. I am on H1 and have 485 pending for me and my wife. Both of us also have a valid EAD.

My wife was on H1 too, however since Oct'08 she relinquished her H1 status and took up another job using her EAD. Currently, we are planning to have her AP filed (her earlier AP expired in Dec'08).

Given all this, I have following questions.
a). Are there any risks associated with filing AP.
b). I presume her status has been valid so far... reason I ask is that we didn't do anything special in terms of communicating any official agency, when she jumped the boat from H1 to EAD. Were we supposed to?
c). Do you think I can get her on H4 while she continues to work using her EAD. I guess H4 option is more expensive? Any thoughts?

Appreciate any help/pointers on this.