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08-26-2009, 02:11 PM
Advocacy Action Item August 2009 - update

The summer August recess is in progress and the lawmakers are still in their constituencies. This is an opportunity for us to meet with them and address our issues and present solutions in preparation for the upcoming CIR. We must push for our agenda to get our provisions in the base bill as CIR is being drafted currently. If we do not get our provisions in the base bill then it is much harder to get them attached to the bill in the form of amendments.

IV therefore requests its members, to continue to call up and start scheduling lawmaker meetings NOW. Please take appointments with your local lawmakers of both houses of Congress. You can find more information about how to reach your lawmaker in this guide http://immigrationvoice.org/media/HowTo_Guide_MeetLawmakers.doc
our members have been taking appointments and so far the feedback has been extremely positive. These meetings have enabled us to enlighten the lawmaker offices and engage in constructive dialog that not only addresses our issues and concerns but also provides solutions to the backlogs.

As communicated earlier, we have created multiple documents and support material that will go into your “Advocacy Packet” for you to carry for these lawmaker meetings. We have also created a Lawmaker Appointment Book
where you will post the details of your lawmaker appointment and we will provide you with the advocacy packet. More details of this action item can be found on this thread:

In summary there are two parts to this action item

1) Please continue to take the appointments with your lawmakers. We need to maximize the remaining August recess days to get as many meetings as possible with either the lawmakers or their close aides. Once you take the appointment, update the details in the Lawmaker Appointment Book that is available on http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=80&Itemi d=36 and you will receive the Advocacy Packet that you will need to take to the meetings.

2) Once you have your meetings, please email the details and feedback to info@immigrationvoice.org to help us follow up with their DC office with your feedback. Your detailed feedback will also help other members in their upcoming meetings with their representatives.

We must push ourselves harder and stronger in this month if we have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Advocacy is an integral, essential and important part of democracy and we must exercise our first amendment right. We not only are highly skilled and are high income individuals that but we are truly the best and the brightest Future Americans that contribute significantly to the progress of America.


IV = I+We : The Importance of Grass-Roots Organization

Immigration Voice is a grassroots organization, which means, every member in the community plays an important role towards resolving our issues and achieving our goals. Our members are highly skilled, well educated and extremely talented who continue to contribute towards the success of the organization. Our membership base is large and growing every day. The best way to organize ourselves so that our efforts can be effective and yield desired results is by joining state chapters and actively participating in grassroots efforts. State chapters play a very important role in shaping the organization. State chapters organize conference calls, meetings, social gatherings, grassroots advocacy, publicity campaigns, and media campaigns, generate awareness and coordinate many other activities. State chapters also train and mentor members and organize meetings with local lawmakers to discuss our issues, which is the most important aspect of grassroots advocacy. When more people meet with local lawmakers of their constituency and apprise them of our issues, the better will be their understanding of our issues and goes a long way towards aiding our ongoing advocacy efforts. Voicing our opinions and concerns in a peaceful manner is the “American way” of doing things and Immigration Voice is the platform for future Americans like us to voice our opinions and concerns.

State chapters organize workshops, participate in community events like fairs and marathons, and help arrange media interviews, organize advocacy events like lawmaker meets and rallies, help in raising funds towards advocacy and running the organization. State Chapter members are always verified by the chapter leaders. Most often, the core team shares updates with chapter leaders who in turn share these updates with the chapter members. Chapter leaders keep the members of their state involved, recruit more members and help organize activities and events. Besides joining and participating in state chapters, we need other active volunteers to join us in different teams which are working in specific area like the media group, the newsletter group, the advocacy group etc. Each of these groups is led by dedicated members who work with members in formulating IV documents and strategies.

We also want to urge our members to generously contribute to our cause. We as a non-profit organization depend on your contributions to work on various media and advocacy activities. By quoting the famous words of Martin Luther King Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right.” We request our members to join a state chapter by following the link
and look for your state chapter information. If your state chapter does not exist or is not active, you can start the chapter by contacting Immigration Voice at info@immigrationvoice.org . We also request our members to contribute to our cause by logging into IV website and going to following link http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/misc.php?do=donate

IV is each one of you - IV is for all of you.
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