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08-18-2009, 11:29 PM
how we applied for expedite advance parole thru the phone - VisaJourney.com (http://www.visajourney.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=177190)

I used these instructions to expedite my wife's AP based on "medical emergency". USCIS did not send me letter asking for evidence of emergency, instead just approved the case the next day. I had taken infopass appt but cancelled it when i saw approval email. some people who went to infopass have been told that AP cannot be expedited at local office and must be done by phone.

File at : Texas Service Center
Method: Paper based
Filed on : 7/24/09
Received by USCIS : 7/27/09
Receipt notice date: 7/28/09
Called USCIS to expedite: 8/10/09
Approval email : 8/11/09
Received approved AP by mail : 8/14/09

-Basically have all info ready (ap receipt notice #, A#, 485 receipt notice #, SSN, date of birth, email address etc).

- If this is your wife's case, have her in the conference as USCIS will not talk to you without her permission.

-Call the ph # on the receipt notice and follow the prompts

-Let the CS rep complete his/her script, and politely answer his/her questions.

-Rep will enter service request in the system and give you a conf # (which i don't know how to use, status is checked by receipt #).

-Rep will say you will receive letter from USCIS within 5 business days, asking to fax/mail the evidence of emergency. be prepared to fax the evidence as soon as you receive letter OR EMAIL. yes they may send you email the second day which is actually better/faster.

*** You may or may not receive the letter from USCIS asking for evidence, in case you don't get one, you may simply receive approval.

Hope this helps anyone looking to expedite AP.

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This information is helpful. Thanks

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Those who can afford to go to an USCIS office, if you have proper evidence, they issue AP and give it to you right there.