View Full Version : H4 to H1b and dependent on 485

09-20-2017, 03:27 PM
Hello All,

I have a query about what complications we might face if I move from H4 to H1b? here my scenario

I was earlier on J2 and had a EAD on which I was working on till Apr 30 2017, my wife moved from J1 to H1B and my status changed to H4, my employer did file for H1 this year and I got picked in the lottery.

My wife also filled her 140 in April, which got an RFE and was later approved in August. My H1B also got approved a week ago and I got the paper work with a start date of 1st Oct 2017.

I also have a application/petition for H4-EAD which was submitted couple of weeks ago and its in pending state ( which I am thinking of cancelling)

Now my main concern is if I move from H4- H1 status and start working from 1st Oct, will there be any impact on our 485 application ( which will be filled in 2nd week of October)? Can I still be a dependent on my wife`s 485 application?