View Full Version : Suggestions on locations (Austin vs Bay Area, CA)

04-19-2017, 06:47 PM
Looking for thoughts/suggestions from fellow immigrants here on this topic. I am an immigrant myself (from India) and working in technology sector. Been through the long journey or H1b and then Green Card. I am currently in Colorado and wondering about relocating to Austin, TX or Bay area, CA for other opportunities in tech sector.

Hence thought of getting opinions/experiences from folks here b/w the two locations regarding various factors. I am aware of sky high housing costs in Bay Area. Curios on various other factors such as

1) Affordability w.r.t other stuff.
2) School zones in general (say " good school zones are less in ___ location but location is great for this __ factor").
3) Weather (say "Austin too hot for anything or only hot during daytime and great in mornings/evenings").
4) Access/opportunities for social events/religious events (temple)..
5) Access/ presence of parks ("say lots of parks in this city/town and so getting house within walking distance of parks is relatively easier"). Similarly access to trails /weekend fun activities for family.
6) Other points of view for each location - Eg: job options in future, Trump factor, general immigrant population/access to Indian stores, crime rate, etc.

Thanks much!