View Full Version : Multiple H1B Petition

03-14-2017, 01:06 AM
Dear Sir,

I am an international student pursuing masters in US. I have got full-time offer letters from two of the big four accounting firms. Both the companies are willing to file H-1B petition for me in April 2017 and are not related to each other. They have completely different roles for me but are located in the same city.
1. Is there any legal restriction to have two H-1B petitions from totally unrelated employers in the lottery to double my chances of getting H1B?
2. I do not intend to inform both the companies. Will they ever know that another company has also filed H1B on my behalf?
3. What will happen in case both my H-1B petitions are approved (chances are rare). Can I join any company?
Thank you in advance!