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04-13-2016, 05:07 AM
I am hoping for some advice to my queries below- if someone can help that would be great.
My family based petition F3 is now active and I need answers to the following questions as , once approved, it will still take us time to make the ‘permanent move’ primarily due to my daughters university education which completes in June 2018
(1) I am the ‘main applicant’ and under the petition my husband and daughter is included. Can I alone (the main applicant) make the trip to the US first and file the re-entry permit forms/biometrics etc AND then my husband and daughter follow some 1 or 2 weeks later? I am aware that we need to be in the US to make the application but do we ALL have to be present or can any one of us be present and make the application and the the others follow when we have date for biometrics
(2) I need to know ways and procedure in order to ‘expedite’ the biometrics appointment
(3) What are the best ways to show ‘maintenance’ of resident for times when we are NOT in the USA
(4) As it will take us sometime to sort out matters here in the UK and my daughter’s education etc- can you advise how many times we are allowed to apply for the re-entry permit? I want to ensure we do not jeopardise our green card
(5) In the petitioners ( My mother-US Citizen) original application – my whole family was included ( husband and 2 daughters)- however, due to the number of years it has taken for our petition to become active , one of my daughters is now over the age of 21 and so NOT included- I need to know all possibilities that exist for my eldest daughter to somehow enter the US as a lawful permanent resident