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03-08-2016, 01:37 AM
I was unable to ask this question/comment on yesterday's call. But i wanted to say this.

- I think There is a big issue with awareness for IV. The fact is, there are many many people - Tens of thousands of people in my estimate who have NEVER heard of IV.

I feel we should reach them, ATLEAST, make an effort to reach to them.

I say that because - To me the work IV is doing effects every single person on H1b. How could it be that we have such low participation from our community ? Sure we have 1k-3k people attending phone calls, we have grassroot effots going on, But the fact is - its not reflecting the real numbers we have on the ground. Our facebook pages are followed by a fraction of the community, our twitter pages are a fraction.

I know, The last time aman mentioned we donot care about twitter - twitter does not change policy, Facebook likes mean nothing. I agree with him, Simply because the lobbyists have managed to change the regulations in their direction without facebook or twitter, they are not even present on twitter. those invisible forces are schmoozing in washington DC.

HOWEVER, Twitter and facebook bring awareness and for a grassroots organization - awareness is everything. Especially when fundraising.

Awareness = Fundraising success.

So here is my proposal.

I want IV to spend a small amount of money on FB and twitter Ads, i want someone to effectively manage the pages. I am sorry to say this, but We just shat on ourself recently.

I contribute monthly 100 to IV, I want to contribute another 50 monthly for twitter and facebook Ads only. If needed, will personally do the Ad buys and make sure our conversions are good, I would like IV to atleast try this out.

PS - On a side note. I myself never heard of IV till early last year. Maybe because i donot hangout at usual family type hangout spots like temples or hotbreads ( sorry i had to make that joke haha) But I was very much interested in trying to understand how to change the situation for people like me. I personally wrote to barack, Alejandro mayorkas, Amy klobuchar, AL franken and congressmen from minnesota where i used to live to get them to change the situation for us( i thought of myself as a solo revolutionary who could change the game, and that i was the sh**T) , I knew back then that We need an organization like IV to get any change. If someone like me who was invested in this stuff was not aware of IV i wonder how many people there are who never heard of us.

03-08-2016, 10:34 AM
You're partially right and I'm sure IV admins have thought of this before. In the spirit of IV - I say lets go do it. And since ad-sales is my day job, I'll chip in with time and $100 of my own money to target and measure a FB campaign. After all, advertising is all about testing and measurement.

PM me and I'll be happy to try this and see where it goes.

03-08-2016, 01:39 PM
I had same exact question/suggestion on IV call, I know so many friends who don't know about IV. We need to reach out to these people.
I know we keep saying that we don't need to beg people to join IV because it has to come from within (like me or like of lot of us) but we need them for re-tweeting, to meet congressmen, for fund raising and yes 'more people = larger impact'.
Everyone is frustrated, all we need is a little push. I personally told many of my friends about IV's agenda and they agreed in no time that they need to contribute.

We need to flash something in front of them that tells them that without doing anything nothing is going to pass.

So many of them are just content with what they have, a job and USA salary, thing that they don't understand is that we are living like animals, always in fear, always worrying about their next H1 extension.