View Full Version : Do I have chances for GC filing ?

03-06-2016, 10:58 PM
I am in confusion, if I have chance of GC processing or not. Here is my situation -
I have total of 16 years of experience in System Admin (Unix) job, which includes 13 years in India and 3 years 3 months (L1B and H1B) in US. My degree is not related to my field of work. My highest education is 3 years B.Sc. (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry), which may not be considered as US equivalent bachelor degree.
My manager is convinced to start GC process for me. I have been reading/hearing that my case may be denied at I-140 stage.
1- Can an academic+experience evaluation (for example from Trusteforte Corp) help me ? I heard that it was work for H1b, but not for PERM / I-140 based petitions.
2- How PERM should look like to match requirement as per my profile ? Should it say '3 or 4 year bachelor degree' or 'equivalent degree' or something else ?
3- I will not be in EB2, I know, but even my case can be approved under EB3 ?

I am employed in a big MNC and they have their own immigration agency, which I will have to follow. But I want to know it in advance, if it is possible for me or I should be prepared for going back to India after 2.8 years (this much time I have left on my H1B).