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02-19-2016, 04:48 PM
Good evening .
first of all let me thank you for your time , to look in this thread.

I have received an RFE on my H1B extension on work location.The RFE is as follows:
A search of publicly available internet resources reveals that the place of employment Address ..XXXX exists in aresidential dwelling in a residential neighbourhood .This raises questions as to whether it is place of Employment that can accommodate the beneficiary as well as other employees.
Although the accuracy of internet resources is not always guaranteed the information summarised above casts significant doubt up on the legitimacy of your business and validity of employment offered.
please provide additional evidence to rebut this information and evidence to support your contention that the business location listed in the petetion is a fully funtioning place of employment that can accommodate of your current employees as well as potential employees your have petetioned for.Such information may include

- photographs of the business property and operations
- affidavits from neighbors , other businesses , civic organizations, local government entities and
- any other evidence to support your claim that this is a bonafide employer and onging business entity.

Submit copy of lease or rental Agrement; the lease or rental agrement must clearly specify the date of the lease begin , subsequent renewal dates , the amount of space rented and monthly charge.

submit a copy of your municipal business license. provide documentation from the local municipal authority to establish that employees are permitted to work at your business location.submit evidence that your business has registered with in the last year with authority in the state in which you operate.

as a small architect firm our business is registered as a business with a state , but not with local municipal , and business owner is not willing to .
how and what else could be responded this RFE .
WE HAVE NO ISSUE WITH tax return or any other documents accept local municipal thing
throw some ideas or suggestion
thanks a bunch