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02-10-2016, 01:39 PM
Please go through the newsletter.

Action Alert: We need your help to improve I-140 Regulation (https://www.facebook.com/ImmigrationVoice/posts/1079618592104364)

We are in need of good real-life stories for the technical response to the regulation.

Here is a direct link to the form: http://yourstory.immigrationvoice.org

02-12-2016, 12:57 PM
Thanks for the stories so far. When it comes to "Horror stories" we think ones like the below will have maximum impact. Also delays with Visa Stamping and the the effect that has on your job, life and psyche will help:

There were couple instances that has stung my heart truly. One was a death of a friends' father just 3 days back. That fellow was stuck with the Visa extension paperwork and could not travel. The other one comes to my mind is another friend whose father passed away during the chennai flood situation. Being the only child in his family with both parents in India, one could not imagine the turmoil he would have undergone. Yet to hear from him if that person had reached chennai in time at least for the burial. He also was having his visa extension process going on. He had to come back only when the case gets approved. His family was left in US when he alone flew back to Chennai for the cremation.

All these are unknowns or knowns to the money mongrels who just hunt us down like a pack of dogs. This one rule is a damning example on how these filthy folks have taken advantage of us.

Sorry folks but these stories are there to haunt me down.

When it comes to "benefit from the EAD-AP for 140 rule" we think stories about missed entrepreneurship opportunities that are related to your Green Card petition will help us make the most impact.

Again, the link to submit the stories is here: http://yourstory.immigrationvoice.org/

Thanks again.