View Full Version : Biometrics waived for me?

01-15-2016, 02:27 PM
On Dec 4, 2015, my 485 documents were received by Phoenix Lockbox and is being processed in Nebraska Service Center. To date (Jan 15, 2016) I haven’t received the notice for biometrics appointment (over 6 weeks). I raised a service request when I crossed 30 days and here is the response received:
“The type of application or category that you submitted does not usually require new biometrics. So if you require additional biometrics, the officer reviewing the case will ensure you are scheduled.”

The help desk representatives are saying that I have probably given my biometrics sometime in the last 12 months which they are reusing here. I did give my fingerprints recently but it was at US embassy in India when I had my visa stamped in my passport apart from port of entry.

Have any of you faced a similar situation?