View Full Version : Question-Changing Jobs after I-140 Approved with respect to Current and Proposed rule

01-13-2016, 11:45 AM

I have my I-140 approved for more than 2 years now with my current employer. If I change my employer now or get fired from my current sponsoring company before the proposed rule comes into effect and join a new company and then my current employer (my PERM & I-140 sponsoring company) withdraws my I-140 and it is revoked by USCIS before the proposed rule comes into effect, can I still use my old priority date when my new employer files new PERM and I-140 even if the proposed rule comes into effect after my old I-140 is withdrawn and revoked?

Does the timing matters (before or after the proposed rule comes into effect) for when to leave the current employer?

Would appreciate if you can please answer the above question assuming the proposed rule is going to be same when it becomes as a final rule and suggest what should be the ideal approach I should follow.