View Full Version : How to get more members and more involvement in I140 EAD?

01-03-2016, 10:48 PM
Hi Guys
I was in the call today and was really impressed with the members enthusiasm and Aman's approach of handling the things

I believe, there are one million people waiting for their GC's?
Where are rest of them ?

I feel that we also need to work on getting the message to everyone around so who are in the same boat can come forward
I believe most people dont know what to do and treat this as a rule making process in which they cant really participate or do nothing
I am already in touch with my friends, work colleagues and neighbors telling that what they can do (post comments for I140 EAD, talk to local office, be member of IV for updates)

Just imagine, that if in each state of US, if everyone starts going to local office and express their problems seriously, it is definitely going to make an impact in terms of both the contribution and letting the state/legal authorities know of this broken legal immigration

As Aman pointed out, venting out the frustration in online forum would do less good, but putting proper comments and talking to local office about the problem can go a long way in solving this problem