View Full Version : Visitor Visa for my graduation Rejected for my widow Mother

10-10-2015, 11:09 AM

I graduated from my Masters from ASU and currently in a full time engineer role(Not A consultancy). I have my Graduation walk planned for this December though I have graduated in May 2015 and my school gave me an invitation too.

Recently, my mom applier for her visitor visa to attend my graduation. She is a widow and a pensioner. Her Visa interview went like this :

VO : Whats your purpose of visit
Mother : My son completed masters and am so proud of it and wish to attend his graduation walk.(My mom didn't present the Official University invitation & a letter wrote by me (Son) to Vo office and also Vo didnt ask her invitation : I think its her first mistake, may be if she gave the invitation it would have presented her in a different way!!! )

Vo :What does your son do now ?
Mother :He studies and work ( My stumbled to say my job role and office where am working I consider this as second mistake )

VO: What do you do?
Mother : Am a pensioner and Home tuition teacher.

VO :Whats your monthly income?
Mother : 10,000 (She completely stumbled and lost her way and the amount is contradictory to whats written in DS 160)

VO: With whom did you live along with now?
Mother :my Mother-in law.

VO : Do you have any other source of income?
Mother: Have fixed deposits worth 30lacs in bank ( My mom forgot again the deposit she gets from Rent )

VO: Who is the sponsor?
Mother : Self.

VO: What will you do if you use that amount in your trip?
Mother :I still will get pension and have my tuition (She again forgot to add she has a property. My mom also has a CA statement showing approximately 1CR but she forgot)

VO: Madam, you don't have a good finance situation and we need to reject the visa.
Mother : Please give me some reason
VO: You lack finances. we are concerned about financial situation and don;t want you to spend your life savings on just a trip to USA. You are not an independent in terms of Money. Sorry Madam but you can reapply. (She gave her a 214(b) form )

Facts :

1. I didn't put my name as sponsor as I thought it will lead to visa rejection. I earn a good amount and have decent amount of bank balance in my account and I can sponsor (Planning to next time)

2. My mom doesn't have any income and her pension is very less and all we have is a 30 lac deposit (Have bank statements too )and an apartment (Have documents). But we got her CA statement though its illegal but it showed some good amount in her assets equal to 1cr ( Planning to give that )

3. My mom lacks strong ties to India. as am the only son and she is a pensioner and don't have much thingst to stick back in India. (what to do with this??)

4. Untouched area by VO : My mom's mom ( Grand mother), brothers, uncles, aunt all are US citizens and living in states for last ~40-50 years.(I have all this information included in the DS-160 )

Being the only son, me and my mom are devastated by the visa rejection. My mom doesn't have lot of finances and I don't know what to do!! All I can think is now leaving my american dream and head back to India. I don't see a point even if I earn million dollars and cant spend that happily with my family. She brought me up and now its time for me to take care of her!!

Please help me out and give me suggestions on what you think would be best for my mom's visa stuff!! I heard visa for graduation would be a cake walk!!
Please help us!!