View Full Version : H1B job change impact to Green Card and H4 EAD

09-01-2015, 11:45 PM

Please help with the following questions:
1) H1B running with 5th year; I-140 approved EB2. If I want to change a company, can the priority date be ported if moving from engg to management position (similar area of support as engg but with added management responsibility)? Should the new PERM be started if staying with the same company but moving to a management position
2) What happens to H4 EAD if the H1B changes company? Can the EAD remain effective until the expiry irrespective if the old company revokes I-140 or not?
3) If the H1B changes company, can the H4 EAD be extended based on H1B/H4 extensions in future or it cannot be until the new I-140 is approved

Thanks in advance,