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07-30-2015, 12:39 AM
Hi Experts

I am trying to get some information on work permit. I looked into current forum but did not find any information so that why I am posting this question.

I worked in US for 6 year 2007 -2013 for employer A and moved to India in 2013 due to family reason and working for same employer A in India now. But before moving to India my employer A filed H1b extension based on approved I140 and I got H1b extension for 3 year 2013-2016. Now I want to move back to US but employer A in US does not have any open position so I want to try in some other employer B based on H1B extension. I have approved I140 and has receipt no for it and it is currently active as I am currently working for employer A.

I have question
1.Can I check if my H1b extension is still valid, is there any government website to verify H1B extension validity.
2.Can I utilize the approved H1b extension for transfer and work for other employer B.
3.Can new employer file cap exempt H1b for next 3 year or do I need to wait for quota to be available.
4.My Priority date is current so can new employer file H1B extension.

Please share any information you have on my current issue.

Thanks in Advance

07-30-2015, 04:04 PM
I guess Qestion 2 seems doable but ...
I would advice to take attorney help on these questions.
If your PD is current, Ask your New Employeer to file Green card & return on GC.