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07-20-2015, 08:41 PM
Some unknown website posted a message that immigrants should "make noise for EAD for I140". That website named a few websites to "work together".

What do IV suggest that we do about this?

07-21-2015, 12:45 AM
Some unknown website posted a message that immigrants should "make noise for EAD for I140". That website named a few websites to "work together".

What do IV suggest that we do about this?

Always be wary of wolf in sheep's clothing. Anyone sending out these false message asking for "making noise", we believe that such a person is making a fool out of anyone who might fall for it. If somehow you might think that "making noise" does things for you, then YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE UP AGAINST.

But before anything else, let us go though some recent relevant history because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

In the 2nd half of 2014, EVERYONE, and we mean EVERYONE, were crazy about admin fix for Recapture and Dependents Exemption. IV was the only group advocating for EAD for I-140 and other related fixes that will enable skilled immigrants to live free. Here is the proof:

Back then, paid-for-journalism were churning out media articles to give an impression that Recapture and Dependents Exemption were done deal. Today you can search online and you probably can't find an immigration lawyer who did not write about Recapture and Dependents Exemption fixes as a slam dunk. This is indisputable truth. We are not making it up. Anyone can search online to verify this. All those over rated and over prized lawyers could not stop "blogging" about Recapture and Dependents Exemption being easy and done deal. And in-spite of asking, sometimes even begging people not to do it, folks were overtime "tweeting" about recapture and dependents exemption. Many a times we explained the reason for the much hyped Recapture and Dependents Exemption buzz. And all that made it more difficult to get attention to our fixes like Filing I-1485 when priority date is not current and EAD for I140. See here:


Here is another truth. One and only one organization (i.e. IV) was honest to repeatedly tell what was actually going on explaining the reasons why Recapture and Dependents Exemption won't happen. We also repeatedly explained which fixes were possible and the fixes we should all be pushing. Back then, a lot of people said a lot of bad things about IV for telling the truth, remember? But IV kept on working on the fixes that were possible, including EAD for I-140 fix and the fixes that were announced in the report that got published and officially acknowledged last week.

Here is the letter we wrote and made public in 2014:
http://immigrationvoice.org/media/Immigration_Voice_Letter_to_The_Honorable_Jeh_John son_10112014.pdf

Here is the response to RFI submitted by IV:

Now if you go through EAD for I-140 and other related fixes, all these fixes were asked by IV in response to RFI and in all our meetings. These fixes were neither suggested by any company nor did any lawyer or AILA asked for these fixes that will give freedom to immigrant employees. That is the true and you can search through which changes were sought by different organizations/groups. The point is, please don't follow these groups and organizations that did not even ask for or want our fixes. These groups were marching ahead, unmindful of the obstacles and limitations. But for those who march heedlessly without considerations of the obstacles will always plunge into oblivion. And that is the fate of all bad ideas. It is true because we have seen it happen time and time again.

About a months ago, Regulations.gov has put a placeholder for EAD for I-140 fix. And last week WH report has announced the recent fixes that are necessary to let people live with freedom. None of these fixes were possible if IV would have followed the mob mentality or if IV would have been swayed by this mindless online "noise making". It might have been convenient to go along with everyone else, but it would still be wrong. I once read that "A representative owes its people, not just his industry, but his judgment. And he betrays them, if he sacrifices it to your opinion." That is by Edmund Burke, a Member of British Parliament in 1770s. And that is why IV did not give in to the opinion of the folks who wanted IV to only work on admin fixes for Recapture and Dependents exemption.

People need to understand that there is a certain order and procedure necessary to make a positive change. "Noise" doesn't lead to good things, unless there is some meaning and organization to it. Positive changes are brought about by organization of energy, and never by a mob or "noise". And anyone advocating to "make noise" simply have no idea how to do any of this.

Fast Forward to current time

Companies and lawyers won't stop their schemes of keeping you under their boot. No matter which way you look at it. iI you look at lawyer's websites for answers to your problems, you are wasting your life. If you look at any website for answer to your problem, you have too much faith in these immigration websites. We ask our members not to waste time on these so called "immigration websites" because the purpose of these "immigration websites" is to profit from your pain. As long as you are in backlogs and searching to find a solution to your immigration problems, these websites will continue to profit from your pain. And this "making noise" thingy is designed so good people such as yourself will keep visiting these websites or that you will clicking on some button online. But in essence, you will be only wasting your time without actually doing anything concrete to help improve your situation. If you are just looking for a therapeutic method to make you feel good that you did "something", without actually doing anything at all, then you might as well keep clicking on those obscure online petitions or you can keep "tweeting". But in real sense, those petitions and those "tweets" have ZERO value. If at all anything, those online petitions, random emails to people like Kevin Cummings etc and "tweets" at just hurting (NOT HELPING) to advance the cause you probably deeply care for.

Here is some reality check:
1.) No company or lawyer asked for the type of fixes enabling people to change employer - EAD for I-140 plus other fixes, Only IV asked for and advocated for these fixes.
2.) You are up against the most well oiled political machinery of employers and immigration lawyers. Rest assured, they will deploy all their assets to stop derail the fixes that give more freedom to immigrants.

Again, the only one organization that brought forth attention to these fixes - IV. Again, that is indisputable truth.

How to move forward

"Making noise" to counter the most well oiled machinery is the worst response. Perhaps that is the kind of response the opponents of these fixes will want. IV brought attention to these common sense fixes when no one had time to accept that Recapture and Dependents exemptions were not happening. We just ask that you don't become an instrument of those wanting to derail these fixes. A lot of people will NOT be able to see through the designs of those opposing these fixes. The proof is, these people could not see through the intentions for beating the drums for Recapture and Dependents exemption media articles. They were blinded by the obsession of something that was fed to them through paid-for-media. If these people don't mature up and if they fall for the temptation for being part of "making noise", there is a chance that they will help companies and lawyers to derail our fixes. This threat is real and that is why people need to act responsibly and not participate in any online petition, tweeter campaign etc.

IV is not a website, we are an organization with boots on the ground in DC to advocate for the fixes. We are not some lawyer's website that massage already available information. We are an organization that sees through bullshit and we always directly check with many sources and friends in DC about what is going on.

We believe that there is a different and effective method and approach to a problem at hand and it demands organization and coordination. If you really want to help yourself, we ask that you not fall for any temptation to "make noise" and instead be part of the organized effort. And even though employers and immigration lawyers have a well oiled lobbying machinery, there is a great invisible power when people organize. There is only one way to harness this great invisible power - that is - by organizing and coordinating of the effort.

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You mean "Make some noise for the desi boyz"?? :D:D:D:D

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