View Full Version : I-140 Premium Processing Dilemma! Using PD from EB3 for EB2 I-140

04-17-2015, 04:14 PM

My PD is OCT-08 from EB3 (Approved I-140) and SEP-14 from EB2.
Per the latest Visa Bulletin (May-15), the dates have moved to APR-08 and in June's bulletin may move to OCT or NOV-08.
I can use the PD from EB3 only if I have an approved I-140 from EB2 application. I have been told that if I upgrade my EB2 I-140 application to premium processing, I will get an RFE for sure. Now I am not sure what type of RFE I can get and what is the worst case scenario. If anyone can help/ guide me in this situation I would really appreciate.

I would like to be ready with my approved I-140 in case dates move to OCT08.