View Full Version : Dates confusion in i797

01-24-2015, 07:59 PM
Hi All

I work for a MNC. I got by first H1 approval notice for client A but I did not get a chance to travel for that client. I travelled for client B and my company filed an amendment for that. I worked for client B sometime and moved to client C last year. Employer filed an amendment this time as well. I notice a difference in dates between all the approval notices I received. Below are the dates. Please let me know if I was ever 'out-of-status' and if these dates mismatch would affect green card processing by any chance.

Client A - i797 without i94 - March 2012 to November 2014
Stamping - March 2012 to November 2014

Travel to USA on December 2012 for client B. Got i94 valid till November 2014.
Client B - i797 with i94 - Jan 2013 to 23rd Jan 2014.
Travel to India during Feb 2014. (Did not go for stamping as I did not change employer).

Again travel to USA for Client C in Aug 2014. This time also got i94 till November 2014.
Client C - i797 with i94 - 21st Feb 2014 to October 2016.

My doubt is about the difference in these start and end dates, particularly about 23rd Jan 2014 and 21st Feb 2014.