View Full Version : Is law an opinion?

01-20-2015, 01:09 PM
So, I asked the same question to 5 different lawyers and promptly I got 5 different answers.
bottom line: apparently law is an opinion.

Let's try one more time.
Form I-864.

I am a US citizen, sponsoring my mother, who is already legally in the US.
I am filing I-864.
I am a housewife and have no income on my own.
my husband works and we file taxes together (my name is on his tax returns).
Last lawyer said to:

Fill out form I-864 putting $0 as my income for the last 3 years and for individual tax income.
The under "income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size" I put my husband's name.
Then fill out another I-864 (not I-864A) with my husband's info and tax info and attach his tax return transcripts.

Does it sound right? I am asking because other lawyers suggested different options. didn't get 2 same answers!!!!