View Full Version : PERM DENIED -7th year H1 extension running and new PERM from NEW EMPLOYER

01-18-2015, 01:03 AM
Summary -
H1b 7th year is running[PERM denied in BALCA] and valid till Oct 2015.

My H1b is on 7th year and has been extended based on a DENIED PERM in BALCA, which my current firm wants to contest.
Meanwhile another company has started new PERM process.
Assuming that NEW PERM goes to audit, will it be possible to get an extension of H1 based on new PERM pending for 365 days?
i.e. Can new company get an extension of H1 based on pending perm after 365 days.
What is the best way out of this as BALCA has started taking 2013 cases and I may get an affirmation of denial of old perm soon.

Please help.