View Full Version : Entering to USA after spent few months in India

10-18-2014, 01:07 AM
My wife , My 5yr old daughter and I are permanent residents from 2011.

During this year 2014, we came to India in Feb and spent 15 days in India. After that we came back to USA and decided to settle in India permanently. I got a Job in Chennai, in Cognizant Technology solutions (US based co operating in Chennai) and we came back to India permanently in June 2, 2014. It is almost 5 months now, and now for personal reasons, we want to go back to USA.

I got a permanent Job in Texas and joining as an employee in a USA based co. I am planning to fly to USA on Nov 5th with my family. My 6 month out of country stay has not yet reached. I am still having bank accounts, ties with my relatives and friends in US, have active credit cards. Will I get into some legal issues when I enter to USA? Will I get denied when I enter into USA? Can you please clarify?