View Full Version : Multiple H1 transfer petition after revoke

10-01-2014, 05:59 PM

I wanted to get a opinion from this group on my situation and possible outcome.

Original H1b revoked end of Aug (last pay date 8th Aug). Found an employer A who filed for transfer under PP and got approved around 18th (within couple days of filing) with I94. However for various reasons, I am considering employer B who has also filed for transfer under PP around 25th Sept. My employment with A has not yet begun.

So far my understanding is there are 3 possible outcomes, one being approval with I94, 2nd being approval without I94 and 3rd being denial. I wanted to understand if there is an RFE (2nd outcome), can the petition from employer B be withdrawn so that I can join employer A? Is there any procedure I need to follow if I want to do that or is it as simple as just going ahead and completing the pre employment paperwork? I want to avoid going out of country to get new I94.

Thank you in advance.