View Full Version : H1B Extention questions

04-09-2014, 02:08 AM
My existing H1B is expiring in August 2014 and I have around two years left on my H1B 6 year cap (June 2016). I am pushing my employer to start applying extension sooner and that too in premium processing rather than waiting for last moment. I have two questions

1. Say in worst case, if my H1B extension gets denied, will my existing H1B and I 94 gets voided at the denial notice or will I94 will be valid till my earlier validity period

2. My Perm PD is Nov 2013 and expecting result in May 2014 hopefully, based on this, Am I eligible for one additional year of H1B since perm is applied 365 days prior to 6 year Cap period.

Appreciate your response all experts and gurus!