View Full Version : travel out us while in OPT

03-10-2014, 10:18 PM
Hello I hope you all are doing well. I hope you can answer my questions as im very nervous on this situatiuon. I will graduate in May. I have to leave the country in June for 3 weeks. I want advice on what is my best opportunity for getting my F1 visa renewed (expires in May and re enter to the US. Now there is 2 options. One is that I apply for OPT now and I would be getting approved for OPT when I graduate in May. I am aware that if I get approved and receive the EAD CARD then if I leave I would have to have a job or job offer in order to re enter to the US, because if not my OPT would be cancelled. Now if I apply for my OPT later on I can travel out of the US while my OPT is pending but I do need to take the I-765 receipt. My question to you is if based on your knowledge and experience ,you know if in my case which I have to go to ask for a renewal of visa (expires in May), you think I would be better of (less risk of denial) if I already have the OPT approved with the EAD card and job/job offer compared to leave the country while the OPT is still pending. The first option would be risky because Im assuming I would get a jobb offer by then.Thanks for your time and I hope you can reply.