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01-24-2014, 03:43 PM
Hi! So... Situation is delicate. I came to USA in may 2008 as participant of work&travel program (stoped in VA). After 3 month I changed my visa from j1 to travel visa. Coz j1 have a time limit. And then I did nothing.
I moved to Washington state in September 2008, changed drive license. I worked and paid the taxes, however I did not have the proper authorization for. I also have taken out few credits and have been paying them accordingly until I had to leave the country in 2009 due to the family emergency. I know that the remaining balance is probably still outstanding which I am absolutely willing to saticfy the debt.
When I departed USA, my I-94 form remained in my passport, nobody tried to take it from me.I hope it does not mean that US immigration thinks that I am still inside the country.
Now is 2014. 5 year past. Got shengen visa from Greece. Made a tri to Turkey. And now I have plan to immigrate to Canada. Might be a problem my situation with american history for canadian embassy? Nuances? :confused: