View Full Version : Multiple H1B Transfer After LayOff

11-17-2013, 09:15 AM
I got laid off on Nov 1 at the same day I had offer form another company A now since A had already done with background and evrything they also filed for premium processing last week , So I think next week I am gonna get approved H1b. But in the mean time I got another offer from the Big Company B.

My question is even though I am currently not employed because the laid off company has to send me last pay check and already talked to lawyer to delay the H1b revoke.

1> Company A has already filed H1b , Can I also file from company B?
2> Should I wait till H1b gets approved from A before filing from B?
3> Should I tell this situation to Company B lawyer or immigration about this situation , I am afraid of loosing offer . I am confident that if they start the process they will complete the process fast since this is big company , The immigration department has expertise in that in this company.They have there tracking system for h1b status and other stuff.
4> If the h1b gets approved from A can I join B even aftyer the start date of A?
5>Is there is any problem if USCIS gets two transfer request in almost same time?
6> Will company A will put me in trouble since they have paid for premium processing and there attorney fees?

Please I need help because I wanted to join B , But dont know how should I deal with it.?