View Full Version : PWD expire & apply perm no later than 180d of any recruit ad?

10-29-2013, 12:53 AM
I have filed pwd on march 3rd 2013 and got determined on may 9th 2013 with expiration date of Aug 6th 2013. my employer had posted paper ads for two consecutive sundays (May 19 and 26 of 2013) and post ad on SWA on Jul30 to Sep30 (two months).

Now my questions is shall I submit my PERM today when PWD is expired which is Oct28?
I have read on few other law websites that "If the employer waits until receiving the determination before beginning any of its recruitment, it would be permitted to file the PERM application even after the end-date of the wage determination. (The only caveat is that, as with all PERMs, the application must be filed no later than 180 days after the first piece of recruitment is initiated"

is this OK if I file my PERM when PWD is expired but it is not 180days from my first method of recruitment.
please reply. thanks.