View Full Version : question on pending i 485

10-02-2013, 07:04 PM
Hello everyone i am new on this site i hope i am doing this right way i need some help please

recently i file my approved and current application so i can get my status adjusted i dodnt want to miss a point i am getting my adjustment Thur employment
when we are filing to application there was a question on the paper saying if i get arrested in usa or out of usa or did i get any boro ordinance ticket my lawyer said we cant lie which i don't have any intention of doing that so we replied as yes because i did get a boro ordinance ticket ( open alcoholic container )now there was no arrest or court i went in to police depaertment and pay the fine so now after we file my gc application i received a RFE now its a white paper and yellow highlighted it says ( you must submit original court disposition arrest record plea agreement. i am panicking about this not to mention i didn't get arrested or didn't go to court i just paid the fine and police department give me letter saying court disposition so i can send it to them i guess my question is can uscis deny my application about this issue i have.
please help me out if you guys can so i can calm my self down

thank you for taking time